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Mysore to Wayanad

Are you planning to visit Wayanad in Kerala? If yes, then book your trip with us today. We offer a wide range of Wayanad tour packages from Mysore & Mysore that will allow you to see the best of this stunning destination.

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Mysore to Wayanad Cabs

Booking a cab from Mysore to Wayanad is not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing to remember is that the Mysore Can Services taxi drivers are generally very knowledgeable about the area and its attractions, so don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendations.

Mysore Cabs Service taxi drivers are generally very knowledgeable about the area and its attractions, so don't be afraid to ask for their recommendations.

Our Mysore to Wayanad cab service is the perfect way to enjoy your trip in India. If you're visiting Wayanad for the first time, you don't need to worry about waiting around for a bus or train ticket. We'll be there with all your travel needs, from booking tickets to providing you with any information that you need. You won't have to wait for anything because we will be there for everything and you can focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about the logistics of how to get there.

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Wayanad: A step closer to the natural beauty of Kerala

If you’re looking for a nature-filled getaway, Wayanad is the place to be. Situated in the Western Ghats, this district is home to a variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Catch a bus from Mysore to Wayanad and start exploring!

The best way to experience Wayanad is on a guided tour. There are plenty of operators offering different types of tours, so find the one that best suits your interests. You can choose to explore the area on foot or by bike, or take a boat ride along the Kabini River.

If you want to stay in one spot, consider staying at a homestay. These homes are usually run by locals who will show you around their village and share traditional recipes. Or alternatively, stay in a hotel or resort; both offer excellent facilities and plenty of activities to keep you busy. While coming back from Wayanad, you can always catch a cab from Mysore Cab Services from Wayanad to Mysore. This will help you in exploring some beautiful locations from Mysore to Mysore.

The Banasura Sagar Dam is accessible by road from Mysore, Mysore, and Mangalore. There are also frequent buses available to take tourists to visit the dam. You can also catch Mysore to Wayanad cab if you are in Mysore, which takes about 3 hours to reach at the destination.

Best Places to Visit in Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the most popular hill stations in Kerala and offers visitors a lot to explore. From its pristine forests and lakes to its charming villages, there's plenty to see and do in this mountainous region. To explore more places, you can always book Mysore to Wayanad oneway cabs by getting in touch with the Mysore Cab Services provider. Here are some of the best places to visit in Wayanad:

Neelimala View Point

The Neelimala View Point is the most popular tourist destination in Wayanad. Situated at an altitude of 1,811 meters, the view from here is simply stunning. The panoramic view encompasses the ranges of the Piramalai and Anaimalai Hills as well as the valley below. You can also see some of the other tourist attractions like Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Mana Falls.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

The Meenmutty waterfalls are a beautiful sight to behold and can be found in Wayanad District, Kerala. The falls are located on the banks of the Meenmutty River and can be reached by taking a short hike from the village of Paliyakkara. The falls are a great place to take a break from the sights and sounds of the city and enjoy some natural beauty. Falls are also known for their therapeutic properties, which can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for monkeys, elephants, and other wildlife. It's also an incredible place to visit if you're looking for natural beauty and serenity. The sanctuary is located in the mountains of Wayanad district in Kerala, India.

Bamboo Forests

Wayanad is a land of contrasts: on one hand, it is home to some of Kerala's most picturesque mountains and valleys, while on the other hand, it is also well known for its extensive bamboo forests. The forests here are home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, tarsiers, and elephants. The best time to visit the bamboo forests is during the monsoon season (June-September), when the forest floor is carpeted in lush green, giving way to towering bamboo stalks reaching up to 30 feet in height.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuary Wayanad was established in 1972 to protect the natural habitat of the Nilgiri tahr, Nilgiri marten, and Indian elephant. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, tigers, deer, wild boars, macaques, and gibbons.

The sanctuary also has a number of waterfalls and beautiful lakes that make for excellent hiking and camping grounds. Some of the more popular attractions include Nagarahole National Park, Kodaikanal National Park, and Palani Hills.

Tips to Consider when travelling to Wayanad
  • Plan your trip well in advance
  • Get travel insurance
  • Make sure you have all the necessary vaccinations and medication
  • Bring along a good supply of cash
  • Pack light and take plenty of photographs and videos to document your trip!
  • Be prepared for anything – weather conditions can change rapidly in Wayanad, so be prepared for any eventuality!
  • Enjoy your time in Wayanad – it is a beautiful region with plenty to see and do!


If you are traveling to Wayanad, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the region:

  • What is the climate like in Wayanad?

The climate in Wayanad is tropical, with a mean temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius. However, the weather is highly unpredictable and can change rapidly from one day to the next.

  • Is there a direct way to get to Wayanad?

There is no direct way to get to Wayanad; you will need to travel through Kerala first.

  • How long does it take to get to Wayanad from Mysore?

It takes around six hours to reach Wayanad from Mysore.

  • What are the best ways to explore Wayanad?

One of the best ways to explore Wayanad is by taking a tour. There are many different tour companies that offer different options, so it’s important that you choose one that corresponds with your interests and needs.

  • Are there any particular attractions in Wayanad that are worth visiting?

Some of the most popular attractions in Wayanad include Kodaikanal National Park, Pennerless Hills and Kalakundan Temple.

  • What are the cost of the tour packages?

The cost starts from Rs.6000/- and goes up to Rs.8000/- that you can choose from.

  • What is Wayanad to Mysore distance?

It is about 157kms and takes about 3.5 hours to cover the distance.